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I’m Gay/Lesbian. Should I Come Out?

Having reached that place of knowing how you feel and being fully affirmed in your heart and mind that you fully accept that you are gay, you might feel that you do not want to hold this as a secret any longer. This message from Zumos will give you questions to ask yourself to help you make the right decision for you on whether or not to come out.

I think I’m gay/lesbian

Our sexuality is probably one of the most complex aspects of our life to contend with. With the question I think I may be gay or lesbian comes many emotions, fears, prejudices, desires and politics. Separating this and asking yourself some honest questions can give you clarity. This message will give information, ask you questions and give the tools to deal with the answers.

How do I know if I’m Gay?

This message from Zumos explores some of the issues around being gay that can help you to understand your sexuality. There are many issues, and here you will find those that are most relevant to you in your age group. Sexuality can be a confusing area and the information given is designed to help you explore your own feelings to help you decide who you are.

I am being Bullied because of my Sexuality

You are an amazing person and you deserve to be happy. This message from Zumos is about how you can learn how to deal with bullying. Bullying is completely wrong and unacceptable. It is not your fault and you do not have to put up with it.