You last searched for sexuality as a Young person

In a Heartbeat – Animated Short Film

(Featured resource)This beautiful animated film will open your eyes to the struggles young LGBT people face when forming relationships: what will other people will think? Would I rather risk breaking my own heart then having other people say negative things about me?

Watch this short animated film and fall in love with being in love, regardless of gender.


(Featured resource)Amelia Ace joins Childline to talk about what asexuality is. The video also busts some of the myths surrounding asexuality such as; asexuals can have romantic relationships, asexuality is not the same as abstinence or celibacy, some asexuals still chose to have sex.

I’m Bisexual – A Coming Out Song

Dodie Clark, or doddleoddle, as you may know her presents a song to you to let you know that she is bisexual and proud. This short song can be used as a way to come out to your friends and family. If you need something to help you feel great about who you are and your bisexuality, this is the video for you.

I’m a Myth – An Asexuality Poem

Abbie Wells brings us a poem about how people consider asexuality a myth and how she has found where she belongs in the asexual community. This video encompasses one young girls journey of discovery of her asexuality. It shows the difficulties she has faced before finding her place.

Growing up LGBT: Friends, and Mental Health

Young people from the X2Y Youth Group in Wolverhampton, including gay, transgender, and non-binary youngsters, discuss the challenges of growing up as an LGBT youngster. How do schools deal with homophobic bullying? Is the school curriculum, including PSHE and sex education heteronormative and ignorant of the needs of LGBT students? What is the effect on a young person’s mental health?

Bisexuality is Not Just a Phase

Have you ever felt isolated because of your attraction to both boys and girls? Has anyone ever told you that it was just a phase? This Childline video is here to help. It openly discusses that bisexuality is not just a phase, it’s a real sexuality. The video also covers biphobia and how to deal with this in day to day life.

Queer Bodies

Roly joins Childline to chat about queer body image and the pressure to look or act a certain way. Roly opens up about how the stereotypical gay man body image led to him developing a bad eating disorder due to not having the right mindset and information to accept that the stereotypes are wrong and he did not need to fit into this mould to be considered a gay man.


Alice, 24, from Caerphilly, wants to raise awareness of domestic violence in LGBT relationships. This video is a true story about the experience of LGBT people who are suffering from domestic violence within their relationships.

LGBTQ+ Stereotypes

It can be frustrating when people make assumptions about you based on things like sexuality or gender. Calum McSwiggan joins Childline to talk about LGBTQ+ stereotypes and how they can impact young LGBT people on their day to day life.

Coming Out is a Journey

Coming out can be a daunting and difficult time for many LGBTQ+ people, it’s important to make sure you’re ready before making the leap. Childline speak to Riyadh, Shoshana and Meredith about their experiences and advice they have for the journey of coming out.

What to do if Your Friend Comes Out to You

How do you support someone when they come out to you? Well, the first thing you should say is ‘I care about you’. Wellcast shares 3 steps with you to help reassure your friend that you care about them and value your relationship with them.

Coming Out of the Closet

Coming out is a big moment. You’re letting someone else into a part of your life that few have been into – a secret that you might have carried for a long time. Some people have lied, pretended to be something you’re not. Others may have simply kept silent. If you’re lucky, you have an incredible support system built in, made up of people who love you regardless.

Expressing Myself. My Way

This short song and video explains how gender expression and identity can vary from person to person. The song is positive and talks about a variety of genders and identities and how important it is to accept yourself and accept others.

The Coming Out Process & LGBTQ Pride

In this video, Gary C talks about the coming out process and LGBT pride. Gary C highlights that coming out can be a very difficult process, try not to devalue other people’s experiences. Lift each other up and celebrate diversity.

Love is Love: Free to Be Me

Some people are attracted to those of a different gender, some to those of the same gender, and some to people who are either the same or a different gender. It is totally normal to have questions about sexual orientation so you may be wondering about who you are and who you feel attracted to, know that it’s okay. Some people know their sexual orientation at a very young age and others don’t know until they are much older. Remember; you’re totally normal if you do know, and totally normal if you don’t.


In this short video Jack, Ben and Beckii talk about their experiences being a part of the LGBT community and how homophobia has affected their life and could affect yours. Watch this brief video help and advice on homophobia and what to do if you’re being bullied in a homophobic way.

Sexual Orientation Explained

Sexual orientation is all about who you’re physically and romantically attracted to! It’s totally normal to have questions about sexual orientation. You may be wondering about who you are and who you feel attracted to. You should know that it’s okay to like boys, girls, or both and to take your time figuring it out.

Busting Lesbian Stereotypes

Jessica and her wife Claudia talk about lesbian stereotypes, acceptance and Claudia’s coming out story. What does a ‘lesbian’ look like? How is coming out in your twenties different to coming out in your teens? These questions and more are answered in this video.


Everyone is taught about safe sex in a straight relationship, but what about LGBTQ+ relationships? Unplanned pregnancies aren’t the only thing to be worried about. Childline is joined by Jamie and Chloe to talk about how to maintain your sexual health when you are in an LGBTQ+ relationship.

Being Gay in School – What it was like for me!

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard talks about what being gay in school was like, in both a Quaker school and a comprehensive school. She talks about the difference between a Quaker school where everyone is accepted and equal, and a comprehensive school where she was negatively affected by episodic bullying.

What is Heteronormativity?

Heteronormativity is the belief that being straight is the only ‘normal’ sexuality and that people are only one of two genders. Beckii and Calum join Childling to discuss how this view of society can affect us all.

My Coming Out Story – Lesbian Happiness

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard shares her coming out story and what it was like growing up gay in a Quaker family. She shares how she never really had to have a coming out moment, because she was always accepted wherever she went. She talks about her hardships moving from a Quaker community and school to a normal secondary school and how she noticed the differences and overcame those issues.

Jak’s Story

Jak was made homeless when he came out to his mother about being gay. In this video he tells his story about sleeping rough, wanting to commit suicide, and how his life has changed since those dark times. It shows how finding the right help can really change a situation.