You last searched for self harm as a Young person

The ’13 Reasons Why’ Toolkit

’13 Reasons Why’, is a hit Netflix show that focusses on the fictional suicide of a teenage girl in an American High School, and the causes and circumstances that surrounded that, including bullying and sexual violence. For Series Two of the show, Netflix commissioned a toolkit of resources and advice for parents, educators and young people.

Self Harm Fact Sheet

This is a short 3 page fact sheet aimed at young people to explain the topic of self harm in a way that young people will understand.

No Harm Done – Things Can Change

This short 6 page booklet contains information and help for young people who are worried about self-harm. It contains a message of hope from young people who have gone through periods of self-harm, common questions about self-harm and some advice from other young people.

Talking about Mental Health

This booklet from Together looks at different ways types of mental distress can be described. It shows that many mental health conditions are described in very different ways by different groups of people – such as doctors, people in other parts of the world, and those who experience them.