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This webpage provides information on mindfulness, how to practice it and how it can help with mental health problems. Mindfulness is a technique which can help people manage their mental health or simply gain more enjoyment from life.

A Guide to Self Care

We all hear about the importance of self care but sometimes it can be hard to actually do. To help look after that wonderful mind and body of yours, here is The Mix’s guide to treating yourself like a temple

Action for Happiness Calendars

These fantastic calendars give you a different objective for each day to take care of yourself and your family and friends, and to build your wellbeing. Each month has a different theme (‘Self Care September’ and so on), with new calendars published each month.

Self-care and confidence

You know it: life can be stressful. Getting your results, applying for jobs, taking resits… All this can leave you tearing your hair out. You might feel too drained to do much, and that’s totally fine. However, entertainment and distraction are as important as resting. In the video, we hear from coaches for their advice on all things self-care, with a sprinkle of tips on how to keep your self-confidence up.

A Theme for You 2019 – Mental Health Foundation

A blog post from the Mental Health Foundation, encouraging readers to create a ‘theme’ for themselves for the New Year, maybe as an alternative to the traditional New Year’s Resolution.