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Smoothing the transition. 17 ideas for parents and carers supporting young people moving to secondary school

(Featured resource)The transition from primary to secondary school is a big deal for any young person. Year 6 pupils are the oldest and ‘wisest’ in their primary school. They might have been together with classmates since Reception, growing up together, making friends, falling out, and making friends again. Each day, they’ve spent most of their time in a single classroom, with known and familiar routines. Then, on the flip side of a long six week holiday, all that changes.

This blog post contains a set of ideas and thoughts for parents supporting young people who are moving to secondary school.

Starting Secondary: Moving to Year 7 tips from a teacher

A helpful set of tips for parents on how to support their Year 6 child in the move up to Year 7. with tips on organisation and speaking to your child.

Transition To Secondary: 5 Tips For Parents

Once the assemblies, fairs and celebrations of the end of term have faded away, how can parents support and prepare their children for that next step over the summer holidays? This blog post are 5 tips for parents from The Teacher Toolkit website.

Secondary school: how parents can help make the transition easier

When your child is moving up from Year 6 to Year 7, there are things you can do to make things easier, and things you can think about now that will help your child adjust and settle in quickly. This article from The Guardian shares some ideas for supporting your child through the tricky transition to secondary school.

Guides for pupils with learning disabilities, their parents and teachers to help smooth the transition

“Making the move from primary to secondary school can be stressful for all involved and if you are a young person with a learning disabilities or other special educational needs these stresses can be magnified”.

This post contains links to guides which aim to support young people with learning disabilities, and their parents and teachers, in making the transition as smooth as possible.