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Digital 5-a-Day

(Featured resource)The Digital 5-a-Day provides a simple framework that reflects the concerns of parents/carers as well as children’s behaviours and needs. It can also act as a base for family agreements about internet and digital device use throughout both the holiday and term time.

Safer Internet Day 2019 Films

(Featured resource)Promotional films from the UK Safer Internet Centre for Safer Internet Day 2019

Staying Secure Online

Do you know how to stay safe online? How to avoid phishing? What to do if you’ve been ratted? This web page is here to help. This quick web page covers how to stay safe online from people who want to hack or take over your social media or even your computer.

Staying Safe Online – Deaf Zone

The internet is great. It can help you find information and chat to friends but sometimes things happen that you don’t like, or that you’re unsure about. On this page you can find information about staying safe online, get involved with the Deaf community and the Deaf service which includes the ability to chat or sign to Childline.

How to Stay Safe Online

This webpage from MIND explains how to keep yourself safe and look after your wellbeing when you use the internet for information or support for your mental health. It covers protecting your privacy, how to take relationships offline safely and how to address online bullying and abuse.

Ready for Social Networking?

Why do I have to be 13 to be on social media? Can’t I just fake my age? This web page tries to answer these questions and explain why some types of social media require you to be over the age of 13 or in some cases require you to be even older. The website breaks down the questions into shorter easier chunks of information that can be applied to everyday life really simply.

Following Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is a trail that can be followed by people online. The amount of digital footprints we leave behind increases with each new comment, each new photo and each new social media profile. This web page offers advice and tips on how to reduce your digital footprint and keep yourself safe from strangers online.