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The Youth Wellbeing Directory from the Anna Freud Centre

(Featured resource)The Youth Wellbeing Directory is an online directory of organisations that support young people with a wide range of mental health and wellbeing issues. You can search by postcode or keywords, and quickly find the details of local organisations and services that can support the needs of young people and families.

Self-Help Activities

Headstart Kent have put together a great list of self help activities that you can use at any time to help improve your mental health and reduce stress. While some of these activities may seem simple, they are shown to reduce stress and negative emotions in order to help you.

A Theme for You 2019 – Mental Health Foundation

A blog post from the Mental Health Foundation, encouraging readers to create a ‘theme’ for themselves for the New Year, maybe as an alternative to the traditional New Year’s Resolution.

Epic Friends

Friends can make a massive difference in the life of someone who is affected by mental health. Epic Friends is here to help you be the best friend that you could be. Whether you need help for yourself, or help for a friend; Epic Friends has the information you need.

Time to Talk Day 2019 | Time To Change

The official page for Time to Talk Day 2019. Resources and media to support the mission of Time To Talk Day of getting everyone, young and old, talking and sharing about mental health.

Money and Mental Health

Money and mental health are often linked. Poor mental health can make managing money harder and worrying about money can make your mental health worse. Mind is here to help. This webpage gives 5 tips for helping yourself when it comes to money.

Time To Talk Day 2018 from HeadStart Wolverhampton

All of the HeadStart Wolverhampton media for Time To Talk Day 2018: blog posts, podcasts and more!

How to Cope with Money Worries

When you’re struggling with financial responsibilty, your mental health can often be affected. The NHS has put together this webpage to help anyone, not just young people, cope with the pressures of finances. It contains a number of helpful hints and tips to guide you through financial process while maintaining your mental health.

How to look after your Mental Health

It’s important to take care of yourself and get the most from life. On this webpage, or in the optional download, there are 10 practical ways to look after your mental health. Making simple changes to how you live doesn’t need to cost a fortune or take up a lot of time. Any one can follow this advice. Why not start today?

How to Protect your Mental Health Online

An article about the dangers of the internet may have your eyebrows raised but don’t fret, The Mix is not about to preach to you about how it was better back in the day. The Mix wants to explore how to look after your mental health online and rise above the all-consuming demands of social media.

Black and Ethnic Minority Groups and Mental Health

This resource weaves together different strands of practice in a unique fashion and ties in with other resources. It highlights and signposts varying elements of mental health issues for varying groups including Black and Ethnic Minority young people.

If Your Friend is Acting Differently, Step in

In Your Corner marks the next phase of Time to Change’s work with young people and has been developed following research carried out by the campaign over the last year. The campaign follows five basic rules; reach out, listen; don’t judge, do something together, be there and, do small acts.

Action for Happiness Calendars

These fantastic calendars give you a different objective for each day to take care of yourself and your family and friends, and to build your wellbeing. Each month has a different theme (‘Self Care September’ and so on), with new calendars published each month.

Alcohol and Mental Health

Alcohol has been an important part of our society and culture for many centuries. This webpage gives advice and information about how alcohol can affect your mental health. This webpage covers topics such as; what effect can alcohol have on us; how does drinking affect our mood and mental health; what about the after effects; how much is too much, and how you can get help.

The Recovery Letters

The Recovery Letters are a series of personal letters written to website readers by authors who have suffered with mental illness, including severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Each letter shares personal experiences and encourages the reader to seek help.

Smoking and Mental Health

Most adults in the UK are aware of the physical health risks of smoking tobacco, but research shows that smoking also also affects people’s mental health.

#HandsUp4HealthyMinds this World Mental Health Day

A new set of resources for young people’s wellbeing: the #HandsUp4HealthyMinds toolkit, produced by Mental Health First Aid England. The toolkit is designed to give a set of bitesize facts and tips on the mental health of young people aged 8-24. It’s filled with practical tips, links and downloadable content for parents, schools, colleges, universities, youth organisations and practitioners, as well as some self-care tips for young people themselves.

Christmas and Mental Health

Christmas can be a tough time for some people. It can be a challenging time for our stress levels and it’s even harder for those people who have mental ill heath. Routines can change and we can take for granted how much this can impact our mental health.

The A to Z of Mental Health | Mental Health Foundation

A really helpful glossary of mental health from the Mental Health Foundation.