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What Does It Mean To Be Transgender?

This short video covers what it means to be trans. While this sounds like quite a simple topic, there’s a lot of different conversations to be had within this topic. For example, what is trans*, what is genderqueer, small changes like clothing or pronouns, how to go about changing your name and, how tell your parents or carers.

Growing up LGBT: Friends, and Mental Health

Young people from the X2Y Youth Group in Wolverhampton, including gay, transgender, and non-binary youngsters, discuss the challenges of growing up as an LGBT youngster. How do schools deal with homophobic bullying? Is the school curriculum, including PSHE and sex education heteronormative and ignorant of the needs of LGBT students? What is the effect on a young person’s mental health?

Gender Identity: Being Female, male, Transgender or Genderfluid

The video aims to educate young people on how gender is a spectrum that people fall on and may not always be as simple as you were born with male genitals so you are a male. This video talks about gender identity and how it’s completely normal to not know exactly where you fall on this spectrum.

My Friend is Transgender

Gender identity is a person’s internal sense of being masculine, feminine or somewhere along the gender spectrum. Watch this video to learn more about gender identity and how to be an ally to transgender people.

Being Trans and Testosterone

In this video Alex Bertie and Jake Edwards join Hannah Witton to talk about what being transgender means and what it’s like taking testosterone through hormone replacement therapy.

What is Heteronormativity?

Heteronormativity is the belief that being straight is the only ‘normal’ sexuality and that people are only one of two genders. Beckii and Calum join Childling to discuss how this view of society can affect us all.

Trans Identity

There can be a lot of confusion around trans topics. In this video, Steph has joined Childline to talk about trans identity, challenges trans people face everyday, and where to go when you need help.

Trans Bullying

Fixers UK has released this video as part of a project lead by Matt, 16, in hopes of educating other students about the issues and challenges faced by transgender teens. This video covers the topics of change when you realise you are transgender and the bullying that can often happen alongside this change.

Trans Puberty Myths

This video contains a frank and open discussion on what it’s like to experience puberty as a trans youth while debunking common myths along the way. Alex Bertie and Charlie Martin are both individuals who have experienced puberty as a trans youths and help debunk myths such as the myth that once your voice drops you can never fix it.