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You last searched for depression as a Young person


Most people during their lives will experience bouts of depression and quite often all that is needed to help you through these difficult times are a few tools that you know you can rely on. This message from Zumos will give you important information you should know and all those all-important tools to give you control.

I feel worthless

Feeling worthless is a self-fulfilling prophecy that is reflected in whatever we do, holding us back and sabotaging our endeavours and are affecting not just us but also other people around us. This message from Zumos helps us to understand how feelings of worthlessness might arise and offers practical and effective methods for learning to think differently.

I hate my life

You may be hating your life right now because you don’t have a feeling of contribution or significance, or because of rejection, personal loss, criticism, self-criticism or abuse. This message from Zumos will look at each of these areas in turn to help you understand how to begin to love your life, and give you concrete activities to get started on.

I’m so unhappy

You can change feelings of unhappiness; all you need is the knowledge and the tools to make the changes. If you want to pursue happiness, you can start today, right now, and notice and enjoy the changes happening. Happiness is a worthy goal, and the journey towards it is rewarding. This episode from Zumos covers advice on how to feel less unhappy in life.