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How to Stop a Bully

(Featured resource)Brooks Gibbs explains bullying in the most simplistic terms: Dominance behavior. He provides a simple solution to bullying: don’t get upset.

Anti-Bullying Week Resources from BBC Team Own It

(Featured resource)Nobody deserves to be bullied. For Anti-Bullying Week 2018, Team Own It choose respect and stand against hate. Resources on a wide range of bullying issues from the BBC.

I Was Bullied, And I Was A Bully

This video broaches the topic of being bullied and being a bully. Dodie talks about how she became a bully to fall into the popular crowd. She talks about how she now realises that it was not worth putting other people down in order to make yourself feel better.

Jake’s Story

In this video, we see the story of Jake who came to  Headstart and found his place. This helped him find his way through a dark time in his life and led him to a position where he could help other people within Wolverhampton and the wider area.

Why Do People Bully Others?

In this video, Teoh chats with Dottie James about the reasons behind bullying. Together they offer tips and tricks on how to recognise and combat your own bullying behaviours. The tips cover don’t gang up on people over social media, find a new talent and, try and figure out why you are bullying other people.

Life after Bullying

In this video Childline collaborates with Dina Tokio to talk about life after bullying. They openly discuss how the affects of bullying can last for years and sometimes make even simple tasks, like answering the phone, really difficult. The main points spoken about in the video include what to do if bullying is still affecting you, what to do if you’re currently being bullied and how to fight back against bullying by taking part in anti-bullying week.

I am Holly: An Anti-Bullying Film

Short video showing how it feels to be bullied. Holly is bullied on her way home from school and also on social media. She feels completely alone and scared. She feels like she can’t talk to anyone. Thinking about what the bullies might do has taken over her life.

Standing up to Bullying

Standing up to bullying can be really hard, but it can also be a great way to build your confidence. Alice and Julia join Childline to give their tips for standing up to bullying. They also cover the mental health aspects of bullying, being aggressive and assertive, and why people can be bullied.

Let’s Fight It Together

An award winning short film that helps sensitise people to the hurt and pain that can be caused by cyberbullying. The film shows ways in which cyberbullying can occur, who it involves, how it can affect different people, and what can be done to prevent it and respond to it.

Dealing with Hate

Ibz joins Childline to talk about dealing with hate. He talks about the differences between hate speech and ‘hate’. He highlights how important it is to talk to people about what is happening to you or someone you know.

To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

In this emotional Poem, Shane Koyczan and a team of almost 100 volunteer animators bring together a story of bullying and building yourself back up after you’ve been bullied. The poem brings together Shane’s personal experiences alongside the stories of people who he knew into a beautiful and haunting story that deserves to be seen by everyone.

Sally’s Story: Dealing with Bullying and Family Issues

Sally was bullied at school, had problems at home and her dad was an alcoholic. She called Childline for help and this is her story.

Words Have Consequences

This short anti-bullying film uses a spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan titled “To This Day” and a speech made by Nick Vujicic about his experiences with bullying as a soundtrack to a very powerful anti-bullying video. It is important to remember that words have very serious consequences.

Wednesday’s Child

The girl visits her boyfriend, who is in a gang and has purchased a gun. In order in “keep other people in line”, the girl takes the gun home with her. The bully and her gang confront the girl and her two friends, a fight breaks out and the gun falls out of a bag onto the floor. A standoff takes place, the gun goes off, but the wrong person is killed.


A Message to Bullies

When most of us think of bullying or abuse, we often think of it in a physical way. We teach children that sticks and stones may break out bones but words may never hurt us, but is that true? We all know it isn’t. Most of the time, words hurt the most and leave wounds that take years to heal. In this video, Prince Ea shares this simple truth and encourages others to be mindful about the words we use.

Anti-Bullying Squad

Bullying is behaviour that hurts, harms or humiliates another person. Anybody can be a bully or be bullied. Bullying can be in person or online, also called cyber bullying. Are you ready to join the Anti-Bullying Squad? Watch this video to see how you can help or get help with bullying.

Perfect Little Lives

Amy joined Fixers to bring this video to life to show young people that bullies need help too. This video shows bullying from two sides of the spectrum; the person being bullied and the person who is bullying.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is when someone hurts, harms or humiliates a person over and over again. A bully looks for ways to get power and control over another person to make that person feel bad and to make the bully look more powerful. Bullying can include making threats, spreading rumors, excluding someone from a group and sending mean messages through text, email or social media. This video explores what bullying is, and how to deal with bullying.

Break the Silence

Thalia joined together with Fixers UK to raise awareness of the emotional scars that can be left behind after bullying or abuse. This video is a great exploration of how bullying or abuse can affect us long after the bullying or abuse are over.

Are You Homophobic?

This video tells the story of a young woman who was asked to prove her homosexuality by kissing another girl. This video hopes to make it clear that there is a fine line between banter and bullying and the only person who gets to say where that line is, is the one who is at the centre of it all.

How to Support Friends Being Bullied

Watching a friend being bullied can be really difficult, and it’s sometimes hard to know what to do about it. Marina Joyce explains how she would support a friend whilst keeping herself safe.

Ways to Stop Bullying

Wellcast is here to give you four steps to combat bullying in your life. Each of their tips is explored in detail using light hearted animation and voice overs. Remember, if you’re being bullied, talk to someone about what you are experiencing.

No Escape

After finding out that most bullies have experienced bullying themselves, a group of young people joined together with Fixers to make this video. This video shares the message that bringing other people down, wont make you feel better.

Overcoming the Effects of Bullying

Bullying can leave you feeling lonely, sad, anxious and sometimes depressed but it doesn’t have to be that way. This short video provides some hints and tips to help you overcome the emotional effects of bullying. You can’t always be in control of what happens to you, but you can definitely be in control of your feelings.

Wake Up

Its never too late to make a change. It’s time to wake up from bullying. This video is a story encouraging change. Stop suffering in silence no matter if you are the one bullying someone, or the one being bullied; it’s time to talk.