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‘54321’: a simple relaxation strategy for times of anxiety or stress

(Featured resource)In this video, Dr. Pooky Knightsmith shares a simple ‘54321’ strategy for relaxation and grounding that can be particularly helpful at times of high anxiety or stress.

How to Cope with Anxiety

We’re all different and we all feel different things. Millions of years ago, we relied on anxiety to protect us from dangerous things like wild animals. Anxiety does the same thing today but it tries to protect us from a lot of things like exam stress, family problems and new places. If you think anxiety is taking over your life, talk to someone; a trusted adult, a friend or a Childline counsellor.

Dealing with Anxiety – Cherry Wallis

In this video, YouTube Content Creator Cherry Wallis talks about her experiences with anxiety and tips and tricks she uses to overcome her anxiety. She talks about how anxiety is like a friend who comes over for tea unexpectedly and refuses to leave, using this metaphor she explains her anxiety.

You Are More Than Your Anxiety

YouTuber Melanie Murphy chats to Childline about her own experience of anxiety and how best to manage anxiety or panic attacks. The tips included in this video include listening to music, reading, lying down, and practicing mindfulness.

Back to School Dread

Going back to school after the summer holidays can be hard for lots of reasons. Maja and Yasmin share their best bits of advice for starting a new term. These include making new friends, being open if you’re struggling, talking to people if you feel like something is going wrong, and how to combat cyberbullying.

Today I am Anxious

Lucy talks about how she feels anxious for no apparent reason, and thought it would be nice to have a chat about it. She talks about how her anxiety has affected her, how important self care is, and how other tips and advice that she has learnt throughout her period of anxiety.

Anxiety Test – Do you have Anxiety? Just 2 questions!

With so many people having one form of anxiety or another, such as generalised anxiety disorder or social anxiety; you can know if you may need further assessment from your doctor for an anxiety disorder after these 2 questions which are used by doctors themselves.

A Few Words about Duvet Days due to Depression or Anxiety

Dr Pooky Knightsmith shares a few words about those days when depression and anxiety make it impossible to get out of bed. Some days depression and anxiety are so emotionally draining that it makes it impossible to get out of bed. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can affect different parts of your life. Khaled and Laura join Childline to share their experiences and talk about the ways that they cope with social anxiety.

Read. Regard. React.

In this video, Ben talks you through the ways you can help someone with anxiety. Using the three simple steps in this video you could help anyone who is experiencing anxiety.

The Symptoms of General Anxiety and Panic Disorder

This video explains the symptoms of panic attacks and General Anxiety Disorder. It explains how you can help someone who is suffering from these conditions and how you may get help if you’re suffering from them yourself.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is generalised anxiety disorder? Generalised anxiety disorder – sometimes shortened to GAD – is a condition characterised by excessive, persistent and unreasonable amounts of anxiety and worry regarding everyday things.