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Young Carers: In Their Own Words

(Featured resource)To mark Young Carers Awareness Day 2018, Headstart spoke to four young people from the Wolverhampton area about their experiences of being a young carer: how it makes them feel, how it affects them at school, and how Spurgeons UK support them.

Young Carers, The Parents – Melanie

(Featured resource)This playlist of videos shows a conversation with Melanie who is the parent of a young carer. Matthew’s younger brother had an accident when he was younger and now Matthew acts a young carer to help his mom and younger brother. Watch this video series to see exactly what it’s like to be a parent of a young carer.

Young Carers, The Parents – Dana

(Featured resource)Dana has Multiple Sclerosis, and talks honestly about the impact this has had upon her and her family. Being a parent who needs help around the home can have more of an impact on a parent than we can appreciate. This video series talks with Dana about her feelings regarding being the parent of a young carer.


A tale of trial, tribulation and shortcrust pastry, this film tells the story of a young carer’s determination to treat his granny like she used to treat him.

My Name’s Lottie

This video shares the story of Lottie who started her young carer role at age 3. Now ages 22, she tells her story about being a very young carer. Lottie shares the truth about every part of her journey including feeling frustrated that her brother got more attention, to going out with her brother and being proud to be a young carer.

Meet the Young Carers

There an an estimate 700,000 young carers in the UK that are putting the needs of their families and lvoed ones first. This videos shows the lives of 6 incredible young people who turned their hand to vlogging to share everything from their daily routines, to their top tips for other young carers.


Kia has led this Fixers campaign to raise awareness and understanding of young carers in professionals. This video follows three young carers and the struggles they face at home. They want professionals to know that young carers need support too.


This film was created to help raise awareness and provide information about the many Young Carers who carry out such a valuable but often unsung role in our society. This video contains a short interview with young carers as well as a day in the life of a young carer.

Young Carers – Life at School

The responsibilities of young carers can make being at school and focusing on education difficult. This video shows the lives of some young carers and how education became a battle for them, whether it was bullying or just finding the time to do homework.

Meet Samuel: A Nine-Year-Old Young Carer

This video shows the story of Samuel who is a young carer. His mother had two strokes when he was younger and now suffers from mini strokes. During the filming of this video, Samuels mum suffered with a mini stroke. Luckily, Samuel and their help Vicky kept her safe.

Lili’s Story

Lili, aged 6, shares her experiences as a young carer who cares for her mother. Young carers can often struggle to be a child or young person due to their caring needs. This video aims to open people’s eyes to the struggles of being a young carer.

Young Carers in Schools Programme

Young carers in schools can often be unidentified which leads to young carers not getting the support they need. The Carers Trust and The Children’s Society have joined together to introduce the Young Carers in Schools programme. This programme enables schools to make sure they provide the best support possible for young children who have caring responsibilities.

How to be Carer Aware

Carers, including young carers, can often be overlooked when it comes to their own mental and physical health. This video contains information for professionals on how to be carer aware within provision of services, this included being aware of young carers too.