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4YP Radio for Anti-Bullying Week at The Orchard Centre: in Conversation with Kai and Alice

(Featured resource)In this podcast from HeadStart Wolverhampton, two young people from The Orchard Centre in Wolverhampton discuss their experiences of bullying and their thoughts about why bullying occurs, how schools and other organisations should react to it, and how their experiences have changed their lives and views of themselves.

Bullying and Mental Health – in Conversation with Jodie Goodacre, Time to Change Young Champion

(Featured resource)Jodie Gooacre is one of Time To Change’s Young Champions, young people with direct experience of mental health issues who work alongside the Time To Change team to break down the stigma around mental health. In this conversation, she discusses the impact of bullying on mental health with Richard Anderson from HeadStart Wolverhampton.

HeadStart Podcast: ‘Fitting in, and Relationship Stresses’ from Moreton School

(Featured resource)In this podcast, recorded for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 theme of “Stress: Are We Coping?” with young people at Moreton School, the young presenters explore themes including the challenges of ‘fitting in’, both online, and in school with peers, and the stresses caused by friendships and relationships with parents.

Anorexia: in conversation with Zoë at The Nightingale Centre

In the latest episode of the 4YP podcast, Richard speaks to Zoë, a Year 11 student who attends The Nightingale Centre. In the podcast, Zoë speaks with great honesty about her experiences as a sufferer with the eating disorder, anorexia.

Children’s mental health – a podcast on World Mental Health Day 2018

This podcast episode from The Mental Health Foundation comes on World Mental Health Day 2018, the theme of which is ‘young people and mental health in a changing world’.