You can Beat Bullying: A Guide for Young People


All of us are bullied at some time. If you are being bullied you may feel scared and vulnerable and quite alone, but you owe it to yourself to try to sort out the situation so that the bullying stops. Remember, no one deserves to be a victim of bullying. This booklet aims to give you advice and tips on how to overcome bullying, what to do if you are a bully and how to gain skills in assertiveness.

Each of those sections is further broken down into more detailed topics in order to educate you in the best way possible. The booklet contains all the information you would need in order to deal with bullying and overcome the situation you are currently in.


The booklet is informative and written in a manner that makes it accessible to everyone in our target age range however due to the amount of text, I’d personally suggest it for older people. The information is all broken down into concise bullet points which make the information easy to digest and follow along with. The tips provided are easy to implement and should help reduce bullying quickly. I like that it contains a section on what to do if you are a bully. This is great as this support could possibly help people who are bullies to assess their own lives and sort out what they feel is going wrong.

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