Will’s Story: Coping with Self Harm


Will started to self-harm after his mum died as a way of coping with anger. He thought this was the only option for him, until his sister suggested art as an outlet for his anger. This video shows how art and self expression helped Will stop self-harming.

If you notice that self-harming is becoming a problem for you, talk to a trusted adult such as a parent or a GP. If you feel like there is not an adult around you that you can trust, you can always talk to Childline either through their freephone number or their online one to one chat service.


This video is short and to the point. It shows how Will’s sister started to notice how he was self harming after his mum died, then she suggested alternative ways to express his anger and he stopped self-harming. While I think this message is oversimplified, I think this video will work well for people at the younger people.

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