Transgender Identity


Transgender describes people who feel that the sex they were assigned at birth doesn’t match how they feel inside. For example, someone who was born as a girl but has always felt like a boy. If you feel like this, Childline is here to give you help and support if you ever need it. The webpage covers; what transgender means, advice on figuring out whether you are transgender, coming out as transgender, transitioning and dealing with transphobia and bullying.

This webpage also contains information on the difference between being transgender, drag performances and cross dress. This is important as trans people are not dressing up or cross dressing, they are expressing their true gender. Remember to always be proud of who you are. If you need further help and advice, contact Childline on their freephone number or their one to one online chat service.


The inclusion of the trans v drag or cross dressing section really threw me when i first read it because I thought it was information everyone knew, then I realised it probably isn’t something young people know so it’s great that it has been included on the page. All the information provided is supportive and non-judgemental with the overarching themes of it’s okay to be you and you should be proud of who you are. This is a great resource with Childline’s normal high level of quality.

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