Today I am Anxious


Lucy talks about how she feels anxious for no apparent reason, and thought it would be nice to have a chat about it. She talks about how her anxiety has affected her, how important self care is, and how other tips and advice that she has learnt throughout her period of anxiety.

The video shares the real experience of anxiety and how different situations in her life can affect her anxiety to different extents. She talks about how she needs to make allowances for her anxiety because in some cases she can’t handle the tasks she has set herself but other things she knows she has to do, she has to power through and complete the tasks regardless.


This video is kind of rambly and loses the point a few times but it is important for people at the higher end of our target age range to hear this message. While I am an advocate for self care you cannot wallow in your own anxiety and refuse to face any tasks you have to in life, Lucy makes a great point by saying sometimes you have to grin and bare it and carry on regardless. She does swear at one time in the video but I think it is due to the fact she is giving a passionate recollection of her own story. The video is quite long but those who are interested will watch it completely and that is all that matters.

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