The Feel Happy with my Gender Fix


The Feel Happy with my Gender Fix brings together the work of transgender and genderfluid young people from around the country who want better recognition and support for those who are discovering their gender. It is the result of a series of workshops in the UK regions and a major event in London on the 23rd of November 2016.

The Feel Happy with my Gender Fix focusses on five areas – school, work, health, media and the home – where trans and genderfluid young people reveal the challenges they face and come up with a set of proposals to make life better for the future.


This website is a great resource for young trans or gender fluid people who may be searching for positive spaces for them to inhabit online. This website shows examples of trans and gender fluid people who have succeeded in their areas of interest which can be motivating for young people to see. The information is basic but beneficial for young trans people where resources are so very often lacking.

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