Saying Goodbye


This is a free to access resource, available through the Marie Curie website. The aim of the leaflet is to inform the reader about saying goodbye to a person who has died. The first two sections cover the questions regarding seeing the body and attending the funeral, the leaflet informs the reader that they should discuss seeing the body with an adult and make a decision based on their own needs. In regards to attending the funeral, the leaflet informs the reader that going to a funeral for the first time can be scary, and that they could speak to an adult about the day. The third section gives advice on how to prepare for a funeral, this includes things like, taking a companion with you, so that if you wish to leave during the funeral they are not alone and asking someone what the day will be like.

The next section gives the reader advice on how they can keep the person’s memory alive, these include, looking through old photographs, contributing to an online memorial page and making a playlist of songs that the person liked. the next section, next steps looks at the days, weeks and months following the death of a loved one or close friend, this informs the reader that it is common for grief to manifest itself in its and starts, that they will have good and bad days, and that certain dates will bring back the grief and feelings of loss, such as birthdays, christmas and anniversaries of the death. the final two sections cover when bad feelings don’t go away and external links. When bad feelings don’t go away is known as complicated grief, the leaflet gives a list of feelings the reader might feel long after the bereavement, these include, feeling that life has no meaning, feeling bitter about the person’s death and not being able to settle into anything. The leaflet ends by giving the reader external links for further help or information.


The information given in this resource is clear and concise. The information given informs the reader of who they can talk to in regards to seeing the body of a loved one and attending the funeral. further to this the reader is given advice on what life might be like in the aftermath of the death of a loved one or close friend. The information is broken down into relevant sections, and uses clear and concise language making it accessible to everyone. Although this leaflet is aimed at young people, it would also be good for parents and family members as they would then have some insight into what the child/young person might be feeling.

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