Ready for Social Networking?


Why do I have to be 13 to be on social media? Can’t I just fake my age? This web page tries to answer these questions and explain why some types of social media require you to be over the age of 13 or in some cases require you to be even older. The website breaks down the questions into shorter easier chunks of information that can be applied to everyday life really simply.

The web page itself is broken down into a variety of sections. After a short introduction, there’s a quick video on the consequences of using social media, 5 reasons not to rush into social media, 5 top tips for safer social networking, and how to get rid of information that’s on a social network that you don’t want there.


The webpage itself is a little bit clunky and the background image could be distracting and make the information a bit hard to read but this is all superficial. The content of the website is basic, suitable for the youngest of people, but enough to give a swift education about the use of social media for a young person.

The information in this web page is geared towards young people who are aged 10 – 13 thus the content is displayed in a way to make it as accessible as possible to a large proportion of those young people.

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