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Pixel Thoughts is a new approach to mindfulness. The 60 second exercise involves putting your thoughts into a star and watching them disappear into space. All you have to do is type your worry in, and then watch as it slowly fades away. Following the instructions on the screen will help you practice mindfulness and hopefully feel less anxious

This site uses mindfulness to help alleviate stress and anxiety, this technique is aimed at focusing on the present moment and developing self-awareness. Even if it all sounds to good to be true, try it for a minute and see how you feel.


I debated on whether to include this resource but I find myself using it quite a lot and think it is beneficial to have on the portal. This resource is quick and easy to use which is what makes it so brilliant for young people who live in a time where everything needs to be fast. The fact you just put your type your worry in and spend a minute focusing is a way that is proven to reduce stress. So why not do it in a fun and easy way? Let me know your thoughts as to whether it should be included.

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