Physical Symptoms of Grief


This is a free to access resource, available through the Marie Curie website. The aim of the leaflet is to inform the reader of the physical symptoms of grief and how to cope. The leaflet gives a list of possible, physical symptoms of grief, these include, loss of appetite, anxiety attacks, restlessness and comfort eating. The second section gives advice on how to cope with these symptoms, this advice includes, doing some physical activity, learning relaxation techniques and making lists of things that are likely to change now that the loved one has died.


The information given in this resource is clear and concise. the information sheet is short, but the advice given could be helpful. The list given may not cover all of the physical symptoms felt after a loved one dies, but it does give a good starting point. The leaflet would be helpful to both young people and their parents, as it gives them an understanding of what to look out for after the death of a loved one, and advice on how to cope with the symptoms that may develop.

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