Online Reputation Checklist


This quick checklist provides five steps on how to maintain a good online checklist and even use the internet to promote a positive self image. The PDF poster presents methods to monitor your own online reputation such as searching yourself online, checking privacy settings, thinking before you post, deactivating and deleting old social media profiles and finally how to make a positive footprint.

It would make a great quick read for tips or it could even be put up in a classroom for people to read when they have time.


This resource provides a great first step for promoting good online behaviour. However, it may not be applicable for younger audiences who have yet to start social media. It does make a case for those who are older teenagers about using the internet to positively promote their activities which may aid in aspects of college applications.
For teachers, this gives an easier eye catching way to introduce the idea of an online reputation to young people without being overly negative. It is a great resource for opening up a dialogue about a different aspect of online safety compared to the normal aspects of stranger danger and online bullying.

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