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To help parents know how to keep their children safe online, NSPCC and O2 have developed NetAware. It is a guide primarily aimed at parents, featuring the most popular social networks, apps or games that children use most frequently. It encourages parents to explore what other parents and children are saying about the sites, apps and games and form their own views about the appropriateness of popular services for their children.

The aim of Net Aware is to help give parents the confidence to have regular and informed conversations about what their children are doing online – just as they would about their day at school.

With new apps, services and social networks popping up all of the time, NetAware is the ‘go to’ place for parents, carers and educational professionals to check up on the features, and possible concerns, about each of them.


This website is a great organisation for parents to check to get informed on what their children are doing online. The website lists each social network, app or game that a child might be using and lists what categories it falls under, the minimum age you need to be to use it, what children think about it, what parents think about the signing up process, the privacy settings, and finally what parents think about the safety and support of the website. The information is provided by real children and parents so it makes it easier to find out your own opinions and start conversations with your children.

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