#NoHarmDone – A Parent’s Journey


#NoHarmDone is a response to a powerful cry for help from young people, parents and professional who have told YoungMinds just how difficult dealing with self-harm is. This film was produced in order to explore how self-harm can affect a parent and a child. The video is an emotional look at two parents and two children who have dealt with self-harm, it offers advice and personal stories showing how dealing with self-harm in the right way can vastly improve a young person’s life.


This video is beautiful, the pattern of hearing a parent’s experience followed by a child’s experience just sets out how hard it can be dealing with self-harm but how it can all turn out in the best interests of both parties if it is handled right. I think this video is great for parents who may be worried that they have failed as a parent when really they need to hear that they have done nothing wrong, especially hearing the perspective of the young people in the video, they may realise just how important they are to helping solve the problem.

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