No Harm Done – Things Can Change


This short 6 page booklet contains information and help for young people who are worried about self-harm. It contains a message of hope from young people who have gone through periods of self-harm, common questions about self-harm and some advice from other young people.

If you are worried about yourself or a friend when it comes to self-harm, take a look at this booklet and find out what to do next.


This resource is short and sweet. I think the intentions has been missed a little with the booklet containing more motivational messages than practical help but it’s a easy way to get young people to dip their toe in the water and get on the way to recovery. I think it could also be a great resource that could be printed out by an adult and just left somewhere for the young person to find as a way of opening up a conversation. It’s a average resource but it is a way to start a conversation.

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