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MindEd for Families provides tonnes of resources on how to deal with young people in a variety of situations. The variety of situations included on this webpage is vast and covers topics like death and loss, medication, talking to your child, parenting a child with issues, sexual orientation and gender, eating disorders and what to do if your child refuses to go to school. If you need help and advice as a parent, this is the first place to go.

The MindEd for Families page is split up into three easy sections to help you find exactly what you need. The first is ‘Need Help Now?’ which contains information on what to do if you’re worried and what to do in a crisis, the second section is signposting and links which has information on common problems and other organisations that can help, and the final section is more detailed learning which contains in depth information on a variety of topics to help you in a time of need.


After looking through a variety of pages that are linked off this launch pad the information seems amazing. As I’m not a parent I can’t attest to how useful it would be but it seems to comprehensively cover any topics it approaches. The way the webpage is set up in an aesthetically pleasing way which makes finding the information you need really easy. I think this is a great resource for parents for a variety of topics.

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Some of the topics discussed in the linked resources are challenging, and potentially upsetting. If you are a young person experiencing mental health difficulties or other issues highlighted by the resources, please seek the support of a trusted adult. If you need immediate help, please visit this page for information on what to do.