Love and Abuse


This is a free to access resource, created by Jory Kusy, available through YouTube. Everything seemed fine between Olivia and John. Just two teens, boyfriend and girlfriend, but when John begins to become jealous of Olivia’s male friend and study partner, Andrew, things between John and Olivia become physical. John and Olivia share their stories and tell what took place between the two.

The video shows that Olivia did not think that the relationship she was in was abusive, until she wanted to meet up with one of her male friends. John got jealous of the friendship and confronted Olivia about it.

The viewer should note that this is an American resource so the helpline numbers would not be accessible in the UK.


This video is 5 minutes long, and looks at the topic of abusive relationships. The video shows that abuse in relationships is not normal, and the consequences of this behaviour can be really serious. The video would be suitable for 13 years and above, and could be used as a teaching resource. This is an amateur created piece, and some of the acting is not brilliant, but the messages and themes are really important. The viewer should note that this is an American resource so helpline numbers would not be accessible in the UK.

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