I Was Bullied, And I Was A Bully


This video broaches the topic of being bullied and being a bully. Dodie talks about how she became a bully to fall into the popular crowd. She talks about how she now realises that it was not worth putting other people down in order to make yourself feel better.

This video expresses the growth of Dodie and how she has come to realise that she was a bully just to fit in with young people within her school. If you feel like you relate to this story, you should talk about your experiences with a trusted adult.


I think this video will resonate with a lot of young people. This video shows how a young person can go from bullied to bully really easily in order to fit in with ‘popular’ people. This video is honest and open and I think the use of painting instead of just a person sitting in front of the camera makes it easy to focus on the message of the video and the message of growth.

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