How to Leave an Abusive Relationship


This video talks all about how to leave an abusive relationship. This video is American so please note that when it says call 911, you need to call 999. This video gives helpful hints and tips about how to leave an abusive relationship. They note it is important to build an army of supportive people to help you through the process of leaving your partner.

The tips in this video include; plan a safe break up, tell people close to you that you’re planning on leaving the relationship, figure out how you will deliver the news, if you decide to meet your partner in person, take someone with you and meet in public, keep the break up short and only do it once. Watch this video for additional help and support.


This video is a great look at how to leave an abusive relationship. This could be used for young people to know what is and is not a healthy relationship, or for other young people and parents to know how to leave an abusive relationship. This video is short and animated so it is easy to watch and digest the information. I think it’s a brilliant video, however lots of the help information is Americanised so I have made it clear in the
description that it is American so don’t try calling 911 in the UK.

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