How to Cope with Anxiety


We’re all different and we all feel different things. Millions of years ago, we relied on anxiety to protect us from dangerous things like wild animals. Anxiety does the same thing today but it tries to protect us from a lot of things like exam stress, family problems and new places. If you think anxiety is taking over your life, talk to someone; a trusted adult, a friend or a Childline counsellor.

Remember, the feelings you feel are completely normal and valid. You are not alone, there are other people who feel like you. You can talk to these people online, through a support group in your local area or talk to your friends. The first step to feeling better is to talk to a trusted adult or your GP


This video is short and quick but gets the job done. It would be great for any age range and I think it could be as applicable to 10 year olds as it would be to 16 year olds. There is no difference in the validity of their emotions so it works as a great tool to get the conversation started.

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