How to Comfort a Grieving Teen – Bridget Park


Bridget Park is a high school senior from Reno, Nevada. Inspired by the tragic loss of her brother, Bridget wrote her debut memoir at the age of 15 in the hopes that her story would encourage others to find healthy ways of grieving. In this talk, Bridget shares her insight on how to comfort a grieving teen.

In the video Bridget talks about the loss of her brother, who committed suicide when she was 12. After her brother's suicide, Bridget explains that people would say things, such as “I’m sorry”, “He was selfish” and “This will make you a stronger and better person”. Bridget explains that hearing these things made her feel worse rather than comforted, and goes on to give ideas of what people could say and do instead, these include, giving the person a hug, telling them that they are always there for them or asking what they are doing at the weekend.


This video is aimed at helping people to comfort a grieving teenager, by watching this video the audience member will have a better understanding that what they say might not be as comforting as they think it is. The video highlights some of the things that could be said which might be more comforting. This is a nice resource as the presenter as actually been through or still going through the bereavement process.

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