How to Be Safe and Smart Online


This two page downloadable PDF flyer contains wide ranging information in regards to helping children stay safe and be smart while online. Information in the flyer aims to warn young people of the dangers of oversharing online and provide tips for them to protect their reputation. Advice is also present on the flyer for how to keep things private online along with a warning to “think before you post” highlighting risks associated with not thinking before posting. The second page of this resource contains the web address for childnet along with topics around deactivating online accounts, not believing everything you see online and providing the advice to block and report the things that they do not like.


This is a pretty good resources to provide young people with a good starting block in how to protect themselves online. It does cover a range of tips which is a plus point as it is likely that one, if not all, could be useful for anyone that gives the resource a read.
One potential drawback to this resource would be due to its wide ranging tips some of them may not be covered in enough depth to be wholly useful to an individual seeking information on a specific online issue.
One point worth mentioning is the topic of sexting which does appear in this resource thus meaning it may not be totally suitable for younger audiences.
This resource could easily be put up in classrooms for children to look at when they have the time or used in a formal teaching session allowing for each point in the resource to be looked at in greater depth.

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Some of the topics discussed in the linked resources are challenging, and potentially upsetting. If you are a young person experiencing mental health difficulties or other issues highlighted by the resources, please seek the support of a trusted adult. If you need immediate help, please visit this page for information on what to do.