How I Explain Anxiety to My Friends using this Everyday Item


This blog post opens up about how Ashley explains anxiety disorders to her friends and family. Instead of going for the traditional ‘Anxiety is a disorder that affects the body because the mind creates a fight or flight response when faced with a stimulus, but it happens all the time, regardless of whether there is an actual threat’, Ashley started using an umbrella metaphor.

The umbrella metaphor explains anxiety as carrying round an umbrella all the time, a really heavy umbrella that you can never let go of. When anxiety is severe, the umbrella is open and you’re carrying it around unable to see sunlight, it’s hard to close the umbrella but it’s such a relief when you do.


This blog post opens up the conversation about anxiety and how it can be confusing and difficult to open up to friends and family if you don’t quite know the right words to use. So, the use of an umbrella metaphor opens up the conversation because it makes it easier for people who have never experienced anxiety to understand. Everyone knows how hard it can be to carry round a big umbrella on the off chance it will rain, so using this as a way of explain anxiety means a larger number of people can understand.

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