Homophobic Bullying


Homophobic bullying is when someone treats you badly because of how they see your sexual orientation. It can include treating you badly or hurting you on purpose. It’s wrong but you can get help. This webpage contains information on what homophobia is, how you can be yourself, coming out and, getting help and staying safe.

Sometimes people say stuff like ‘that’s so gay’, ‘you walk like a gay’, ‘you dress like a lesbian’ or ‘you’re pretty to be a lesbian’. They might seem like jokes or just banter, but it’s bullying. Making fun of someone because of what you think their sexuality is or judging them is not right. This webpage gives help and advice on what to do if you’re in this situation.


The information in this webpage is clear and easy to understand for any young person. It is sectioned off into easy little chunks that can be easily read and digested. The information comes from Childline therefore it can be assumed it is of the highest quality. The webpage also links to a video which can break up the reading for young people and help them understand the topic more. Overall it’s a great resource for an introduction to homophobic bullying which unfortunately is still a common occurrence in our schools.

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