Growing up LGBT: Friends, and Mental Health


Young people from the X2Y Youth Group in Wolverhampton, including gay, transgender, and non-binary youngsters, discuss the challenges of growing up as an LGBT youngster. How do schools deal with homophobic bullying? Is the school curriculum, including PSHE and sex education heteronormative and ignorant of the needs of LGBT students? What is the effect on a young person’s mental health?

This short animated video takes an open and candid look at the real lives of young LGBT people from the Wolverhampton community. This video is opening up the books on what it is like to be a young person who struggles on a daily basis due to discrimination in the classroom.


This video is a top rate look at the lives of local young people and how being LGBT can affect them throughout their school years. The animation makes it fun and interesting to watch and the inclusion of Wolverhampton based young people means you hear other people’s stories told in your own accent which makes it feel a lot closer to home. The information provided in the video is enough to make you stop back and think about what school is like for a young LGBT person and I think that is really important.

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