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Gender Intelligence cater for a variety of audiences within their website.

If you are a trans young person or interested in gender diversity, then the website offers online support and an annual camping trip for young trans people. The website can also offer information on gender expression including makeup, clothes, binding and where to find gender neutral hairdressers.

If you are the family of a trans young person, Gender Intelligence offers support groups for those families based in London and also online support for those who may not be able to access the support groups. The website also presents downloadable PDF guide for parents and family members of trans people in the UK and a report on the issues of parents and family members of trans people.

If you are an health and social care or education professional, the website can offer training in order make people more aware of how to be inclusive of trans people, training to better support trans people and for educational professionals Gendered Intelligence offers assemblies and sessions for the full education spectrum about gender diversity and trans issues in order to heighten the awareness and celebration of differences.


The information contained on the website is aimed to a variety of people so rather than review individual resources, it should be noted that the company specialises in delivering information and resources surrounding gender diversity and the trans community. The information presented on the website is reliable and frequently updated in order to increase the validity of the content.

This website is designed with the young trans community in mind and has a number of brilliant features integrated into its design. One of these is the ‘get me out of here’ button. This is for young people who may be surfing the internet and may not want their parents knowing that they are accessing material relating to the trans community, when the young person presses this button it sends them to the BBC news page in order to protect the young person.

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