Gender Identity: Being Female, male, Transgender or Genderfluid


The video aims to educate young people on how gender is a spectrum that people fall on and may not always be as simple as you were born with male genitals so you are a male. This video talks about gender identity and how it’s completely normal to not know exactly where you fall on this spectrum.

Everyone has a gender identity and gender expression, even you! Gender identity is a person’s internal sense of being masculine, feminine or somewhere along the gender spectrum. Gender identity is not something that you can choose or change, so it is totally normal if it takes some time to figure out your gender identity and how to express it.


This video is short and great for younger people to explore what gender and gender identity could mean to them. It uses simple language and is not confusing at all. The language used means it is accessible even to the youngest of viewers. It aims to be a quick education on gender identity and gender expression and it achieves it’s aim perfectly.

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