For Me: The Childline App


This app is a smart and secure way to access childline content from the comfort of your phone. The app was designed by young people and gives you access to childline in your pocket, even access to your childline locker if you need it. You can choose your mood and get specific advice for you from the app. You can also lock the app with a pin so that parents and friends can’t see what you’re looking at.

The app also offers one to one support wherever and whenever you need it from the safety of you phone. The app also offers forum type support for people who have an account with the service. One of the primary features of the app is the ability to input data for your mood and get specific resources and advice to help you out.


This app was designed with young people in mind. It is made in such a way that parents will not notice the app within a child's phone, it also gives an option to pin protect your data which is invaluable. The app gives young people the ability to chat with a Childline counsellor on the go which can be a great alternative for young people who may not feel comfortable talking on the phone. The app gives you the access to all the information that is available on the website which is beneficial is young people are sharing a computer with their family.

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