Following Digital Footprints


What do you know about your digital footprint? This web page is here to help if you don’t know! This web page contains a video of the consequences of sharing to much on social media, five questions you should ask yourself before you post something online, tips for safer sharing and finally what to do if there is something online that you don’t want to be online.

The Following Digital Footprints web page from ThinkUKnow is specifically geared towards advice for young people aged 11-13, however the advice within it could be read by anyone to give a quick education on your digital footprint.


The web page presents an easy to read and easy to access information for young people aged between 11 and 13, however the information can be read by those aged younger and older. As the information was written and devised by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre, all the information is the best tips and advice regarding online safety.

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