Feel Safe at Home: What to do if Violence is Happening around You


This booklet covers what domestic violence is, how it can make a young people feel, what children say about domestic violence and what to do if you’re in a situation that is abusive or violent. Remember that domestic violence is never your fault and you don’t deserve to be in that situation, Childline is here to help.


This booklet is a great little resource for young people especially those at the lower end of the age bracket we are appealing to. When printed off this booklet gives you the option to rip of the covers so people don’t know what you’re reading which is a great tool to maintain the safety of young people who are in a volatile situation. The information provided in the booklet itself is simple to read and understand. However it is a bit stereotypical in that it presents domestic violence as a man being the perpetrator and the women being a victim, it should be highlighted that anyone can be the victim of domestic violence, male or female.

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