Faith and Religious Bullying


People can be bullied for different things, and sometimes people are bullied because of their religion. If it happens to you, it’s not your fault and you can get help. On this webpage, Childline gives advice on ways to get help, fitting in and feeling like yourself, and celebrating difference.

You might feel like you are being treated differently because of your religion. This could be at school, college, with friends or with relatives. It’s wrong for anyone to hurt, tease, ignore, threaten or call you names. It’s also bullying and you don’t have to cope on your own.


This webpage is an excellent resource as it highlights that religious bullying can also come from family members due to being in a different caste or class. This is important because young people often feel like they have to respect what their family says and they do not feel in a position to stand up to their family when they say something the young person disagrees with.

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