Exam Stress and Pressure


If you’re feeling stressed about taking exams, you aren’t alone. Get advice from other young people through Childline. This webpage shares tips and tricks on how to beat exam stress and pressure. It also covers problems at home and what you can do about exams.

If you notice that exam stress is becoming a problem for you or your friends, talk to a trusted adult like a parent or teacher. If you feel like there is no one you can talk to, Childline is always available either through their freephone number or their online one-to-one chat service.


The information presented on this page bares the traditional quality of all Childline pages. The information is clear and concise thus suitable for all ages within our target. I think the information provided on this webpage is more than enough to begin to help young people through times of stress caused by exams. I love how it also incorporates problems at home and how these can affect your schooling as this is often overlooked. In conclusion, a great webpage on exam stress and pressure and other factors that can affect a young person’s schooling.

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