e-Safety School Policy and Procedures Checklist


The use of the internet and mobile devices have become fully integrated into the lives of young people. In response to this, school are now expected to produce official guidelines promoting the safe and responsible use of the internet and digital communications among students and staff. Kidscape have produced e-safety policies and procedures for schools to adopt, however for these documents to be most effective, the must be tailored to suit the school's individual needs.

Kidscape’s e-safety checklist will act as a guideline throughout this process and is intended to be used by Senior Management Teams in the construction of policy and procedures. The document is divided into 8 key sections which will all need to be addressed for a comprehensive policy to be created in line with best practice guidelines.


I have included this as a resource as it could help teachers and senior management teams to update their policies and procedures with a proper framework for support. I think the way this is set out makes it accessible to everyone. It contains a dedicated section on social media which is impressive. I think overall, if this is picked up by the higher ups in education, it could be a really useful resource.

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