Disrespect Nobody


Disrespect Nobody is a Government campaign targeted at young people in order to educate them about sexual health, relationships, and abuse. This website contains a lot of fun videos and quizzes that can help you gain knowledge on all these topics. Remember it is not okay to feel pressured in a relationship, it’s not okay to have sex when you don’t feel like it and it’s not okay for someone to demand naked pictures from you. You are in control of your body.

This website covers sexting, relationship abuse, consent, rape and pornography. You should make sure that you’re clued up about all these topics in order to have happy and healthy relationships and sexual health.


This website is really well designed, it’s easy to find all the information you need and the inclusion of the videos breaks up the content well. The videos are pretty fun and well animated. The information given is up to date and easy to understand. The website also offers tips on how to hide your tracks if you don’t want other people knowing what you’ve been looking at. The inclusion of this is really important as it removes the worry of young people who are looking at the website. It’s really important to educate young people about things like consent so this is a great way to do it.

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