YoungMinds is one of the leading UK charities whose aim is to give a voice to young people to shout about their mental health. This webpage contains all the information YoungMinds think you should know about depression. It covers what depression is, the symptoms of depression, what you should do if you think you have depression and how depression is treated.

Depression is a mood disorder where you feel very down all the time. Depression can happen as a reaction to something like abuse, bullying or family breakdown but it can also run in families. Depression is one of the most common types of mental illness. Although it can be hard to feel optimistic when you’re depressed, there is lots of support available to help you feel better.


This page is a great little starting point for young people who are concerned that they might have depression. It acts as a starting point for young people for further investigation. The information provided by YoungMinds is easy enough for any young person to understand without being over simplified. Given that it is a page from YoungMinds, it can be assumed that the information provided is of the best quality.

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Some of the topics discussed in the linked resources are challenging, and potentially upsetting. If you are a young person experiencing mental health difficulties or other issues highlighted by the resources, please seek the support of a trusted adult. If you need immediate help, please visit this page for information on what to do.