Depression and Anxiety


Friends are often the first to notice or to know that someone is struggling with a problem. A person who is worried about their changes in moods, thoughts or behaviours will often confide in a friend. A friend may therefore act as a support in helping someone confront the issue of anxiety or depression.

This webpage covers information and advice on what you may feel if you know your friend is suffering with anxiety or depression, 4 identification facts for depression and anxiety, four stages of bringing about a change, and the inverse traffic light rule if you are worried about a friend.


Stem4 aims to stem teenage mental illness and support teenage mental health. They focus on four specific areas of mental health and provide specific information on these areas to a variety of stakeholders. The information on this webpage is therefore of high quality and based in factual evidence. The website is well designed with bright colours that will keep the audience engaged. The language used is suited to young people and is free of any jargon. The information contained within the page is divided into smaller sections which achieves its aim of not overwhelming the viewer. Overall, this is an amazing resource.

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Some of the topics discussed in the linked resources are challenging, and potentially upsetting. If you are a young person experiencing mental health difficulties or other issues highlighted by the resources, please seek the support of a trusted adult. If you need immediate help, please visit this page for information on what to do.