Dealing with Anxiety – Cherry Wallis


In this video, YouTube Content Creator Cherry Wallis talks about her experiences with anxiety and tips and tricks she uses to overcome her anxiety. She talks about how anxiety is like a friend who comes over for tea unexpectedly and refuses to leave, using this metaphor she explains her anxiety.

This video is an honest and open look at how anxiety can affect the life of a young person and how something as simple as waiting for a train can trigger anxiety. The tips and tricks included in this video are the 4-7-8 breathing methods, listening to music and distractions.


Content made by YouTube creators automatically makes young people want to be engaged as they live in the YouTube generation and this video is no different. Cherry Wallis is a well known content creator from Birmingham and her sharing this story of anxiety may help young people to know they are not alone. The video is a bit rambly and sometimes it’s hard to keep up but that is just a representation of her real life and the thoughts she is having in that moment.

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