This resource is in the form of a factsheet which is 5 pages long. The factsheet aims to help stop people becoming cyberbullies and becoming a victim of cyberbullying. firstly the factsheet outlines the behaviours which could be seen as being of a cyberbullying nature, this include posting abusive comments this includes spreading rumours, gossip or making threats using a digital media. other categories mentioned are sharing images with the intent of causing harm or humiliation. Hacking and impersonation, this includes hacking or accessing another person's email account or social media accounts. posting content intended to cause harm, and blackmailing a person by behaviours such as threatening to share personal images. The second section of the fact sheet encourages people to think before they post, this poses questions to the reader such as, would you say it to someone’s face?, am I being kind?, Why am I posting? and can this be interpreted differently?. The third section aims to give advice in regards to staying safe online, this includes steps such as, protecting your identity, being wary of suspicious messages and setting profiles to private. The final section informs people on what to do if they think they, or someone they know are a being cyberbullied, this includes reporting concerns to parents, teachers, service providers or the police. Also information is given on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cyberbullying, the tips given suggest that individuals should not respond to the bully, block the bully and increase their security.


This resource is a small factsheet but it does include a lot of information, but at the same time it is well formatted and not too busy. The information given is simple to understand and therefore should be accessible to most parents and all teaching staff. The sections are nice and clear and examples are given for all points. This resource could be used for all in the target age group, and it could be used by young people, parents and teachers.

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