Online Safety Jigsaw for 8-10 Year Olds


This video was created by Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP). The video is a little under 9 minutes long, and looks at the issues of online safety and privacy. there is a central character in the story, this young girl did not have the privacy settings on her social media, meaning that anyone could get access to her information and photographs. During the video young people are interviewed and asked things like, would you you leave your front door open when you went out, or would you put your photographs out in public areas.

The girl in the video, is contacted by a man who claims to be 13 years old, but in reality is a lot older. The interview with the children then turns to the online world, the children are then asked about online safety, the children are asked if they are more concerned about their safety in the real world, then on online, the children answer yes. The video then shows the young girl being watched by the older man. The video concludes with introducing the audience to privacy settings, and reporting unwanted attention from questionable people, and the older man being arrested.


This video is relatively short at under 9 minutes, the video is free to access through youtube and was created for CEOP. The resource could be used by young people and possibly teachers. The content of the resources shows the importance of online safety, including things such as privacy settings and not talking to people that you do not know. It shows that people can find out where you live, where you socialise and what school you go to, just from looking at posts and pictures. The video is ends by informing the audience that they can report any unwanted attentions or suspicious behaviours.

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